Games King Of Kings Latest APK Download

As the world sinks into unlimited darkness, countless and unclear beings begin to call your name! Reclaim this loving world from an evil black dragon! King of Kings, take your weapon and use the power of your seven artifacts to fight evil and save the whole world!

Explore this grand open world
This map of 26 square kilometers can make you reach every corner of the world.
Thousands of NPCs, thousands of stories abound form the background of this massive worldview.

Real-time competition with global players
PvP battle system in real time, who will be the master in the PVP arena?
Grabbing flags, pushing carts and fighting for resources, these are all types of games that will be available on the battlefield;
a large battlefield that can contain 20 vs 20 players, fighting together for honor;
PvP maps that have no rules, each of these battles will be unforgettable memories!

Make friends and fight together
Communicate through voice chat, and resolve common difficulties;
Show the status of your friends, join in this adventure anytime, anywhere;
Join the guild and build strong strongholds together;
Get first place, share your skills and become a King in this game!

Become a great hero
9 basic classes, 27 advanced classes, all with different characteristics;
Fierce mature women, beautiful sweet lolita, and a strong masculine orc, you can always find or choose your own favorite character!
Show your personality with hundreds of fashionable costumes and hundreds of incredible match clothes!
Get the coolest title and be the brightest star!

Challenge epic dungeons
Hundreds of exciting dungeons are waiting for you to challenge.
Tanks, healers, all types of DPS, find your position in one team and give as much contribution as possible;
Complete this epic dungeon and get the legendary equipment to strengthen yourself
Build a team consisting of 5-25 players and fight against strong enemies together.

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